Hilton Hotel Sydney

Kitchen refurbishment

This kitchen was designed by the Rohrig specialist food and beverage design team. Through strong collaboration with key stakeholders in the design phase the end design has delivered a highly functional kitchen environment, where both chefs can operate harmoniously.

Rohrig approached the project with a focus on innovation and perfection. In the design phase, a life-size model was built, and the working situation was simulated, to reality-test the design for functionality, longevity and ongoing costs. This enabled all stakeholders to identify potential problems or opportunities in the design, and for the design to be optimised accordingly.

We met the challenge of delivering a completely new restaurant, with a state-of-the-art kitchen that could efficiently manage two styles of operation, to a very tight timeline. We also did this with minimal disruption to the client and other tenants. Achieving all this successfully called on our disciplined approach and our strong hospitality construction experience.

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Project facts

  • Completed: 2018
  • Construction timeframe: 5 weeks
  • Cost range: $1 million - $5 million

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