The Gap Tavern

Rohrig is proud to have recently refurbished and extended the Gap Tavern in Brisbane, revitalising the 1990’s pub with a fresh look and improved service offering.

This project was completed across two stages, refurbishing the two major areas of the pub at different times, which allowed the client to continue trading throughout works.

Stage one involved construction of a new gaming room within the old bistro, entrance renovations, and an extension to make space for a new dining area. The second stage included refurbishment of the existing gaming room, transforming it into a new sports bar.

Architecture was handled by Cayas & Ward, who designed the inviting new venue layout with natural finishes like Stecca wood features, timber batten walls, and textured paint throughout. The new design is more functional and aesthetically pleasing, bringing the pub up to modern standards.

Careful staging allowed us to keep the bistro operational throughout the project, which included out-of-hours work and partial handovers. We also carefully managed public and trade access, noise and other disruptions to trading.

The end result is a refreshing, light-filled dining space and new sports bar, a must for Friday nights in The Gap.

Services Provided


Project Facts

  • Completed: 2023
  • Construction timeframe: 17 weeks
  • Cost range: Under $5 million

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