Why choose Rohrig for your construction?


We activate potential

With deep understanding of our specialist sectors, we find all the possibilities in your building project. The earlier you involve us, the more difference we can make to achieving the best outcomes.


We create value

Value goes beyond our competitive prices. It’s achieved through reality-testing designs, through value engineering and ensuring long-term durability. It’s also our passion for quality in everything we build.


We give certainty

After three decades of navigating various economic environments, we’ve proven our resilience. We’re financially stable, collaborative and fulfil our promise to deliver on time, every time. Your people and your projects are in safe hands.

Who we are

Rohrig is a leading commercial construction company operating across New South Wales and Queensland. Since 1991, we’ve created outstanding value and delivered exceptional outcomes across a range of sectors including education, hospitality, aged care, commercial, industrial and retail. We work collaboratively and transparently to bring your vision to life.

We stand behind your building for life.

Our services

Early contractor involvement (ECI)

Rohrig maximises design outcomes by identifying risks and finding best-value solutions. We give an indicative budget and ensure all aspects of the project work smoothly to achieve your objectives.

Design management

Rohrig works with many architects and interior designers so we know the best fit for your project and will oversee the process to ensure design decisions represent value.


Construction excellence is the core of our business and we stand behind the quality of work for the life of the building.

Food and beverage design

Decades of experience building and renovating a wide range of hospitality venues enable us to understand how to make kitchens, food service and eating areas work with optimal efficiency.

It’s what our clients say that matters.

"Rohrig understood what I was trying to achieve and how to do it well. The quality of their work is top-notch and, if there’s ever an issue, they’re really quick to resolve it. "

"The attitude of the team was client solution, client happiness. Do whatever is necessary to get the job done."

"Rohrig is very competitive and they really know hospitality and gaming. The foreman was outstanding - probably the best I’ve ever worked with. He was always there to help us."

"My preferred course of action is to go straight to Rohrig – that worked like a charm for us."

"Rohrig’s input into making things work better, it’s more than just building, they become part of the project, I guess you could say."

Discover how we can achieve potential and certainty for you.

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