Rohrig helps you get the best from your project

  • Early contractor involvement (ECI)

    Rohrig maximises design outcomes by identifying risk and opportunities and providing cost-effective solutions, which ensures a smooth construction process. Ask us how ECI achieves true project value and a fast timeline.

  • Design management

    We have design management experience working with a wide range of architects and interior designers in both Queensland and New South Wales. Our management ensures buildability and durability as well as great aesthetics.

    Detailed construction documentation

    Our in-house team of experienced Revit (architectural software) modellers work closely with external consultants, to accurately coordinate all disciplines within a single architectural model, mitigating site delays and costs. The construction documentation we produce gives a comprehensive set of plans for site accuracy and efficiency.

    Project management

    Having a project manager with sector understanding, technical knowledge and depth of construction experience ensures effective processes and a cooperative approach. Our open-book means there are no conflicts of interest – you are part of the decisions and our objective is to meet your vision, budget and timeline objectives.

  • Detailed design and shop drawings

    With decades of experience in building and renovating a wide range of venues, we understand how to make kitchens, food service and all areas work – both for practical operations and to maximise profitability. From trendy bars to high-end restaurants to pub and club dining, we share the secrets of success.

  • Construction

    Construction excellence is the core of our business and we stand behind the quality of work for the life of the building. Our experienced and long-serving site managers and foremen ensure things run smoothly. With our careful construction management, you can be sure your project is in safe hands.

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