St John’s Park Bowling Club

Multi-year, multi-stage club renewal

Rohrig has partnered with St John’s since 2012, taking on major refurbishment and construction including a $15 million interior renovation, design and construct for four new precincts at over $10 million, and a multi-level carpark.

The four new precincts feature a steak restaurant, Asian restaurant, pavilion bar, and a basement extension with new lift. All the projects were completed in a live business while protecting the club’s operating environment for members. We built a temporary entrance and reception at one stage to ensure continuity.

Our food and beverage design and our life-size mock-ups of kitchen and food service areas ensured optimum layout and equipment choices. Throughout the design and construct projects, we identified both cost savings and also opportunities to achieve outstanding contemporary design to support the club’s future.

Services provided

Design and Construct
Design and Construct

Project facts

  • Completed: Multiple projects 2012-18
  • Construction timeframe: Various
  • Cost range: $30 million - $35 million

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