Camp Hill Hotel

Rohrig refurbished the Camp Hill Hotel recently, in the fast growing suburb in Brisbane, revitalising the 40-year-old building for ALH Group.

Works included a top to bottom refurbishment of the existing tavern, with a new cocktail lounge, external deck, sports bar, large kitchen, bistro, kids’ room and amenities. We extended the venue’s facilities using a storage area that had been uninhabited for 40 years and during the construction phase we also solved undocumented latent conditions that were found during demolition.

Cayas & Ward were the architects for the Camp Hill Hotel refurbishment, designing a contemporary tavern that retains rustic elements like exposed beams and a range of patterns and finishes. Each unique area strikes a different mood, with the light-filled bistro, dark and engaging sports bar, and moody midnight themed cocktail bar to name a few.

Our life-size mockup process was undertaken for all of the bars and kitchen area, ensuring the layout and functionality were optimised for the client’s needs.  

The result is a renewed Camp Hill Hotel that offers more space, dining and entertainment than ever before for this growing region.

At Rohrig, we value our longstanding clients and it was a pleasure refurbishing another exciting tavern for ALH Group.

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Project Facts

  • Completed: 2023
  • Construction timeframe: 23 weeks
  • Cost range: Under $5 million

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