Ormiston College, Science Centre

Rohrig is proud to have completed a new state-of-the-art Science Centre at Ormiston College in Brisbane, in place of the original building we constructed for the client back in 1991.

Blueprint Architecture designed the inviting new Science Centre, with unique molecule-themed hexagonal features inside and out – across the facade, retaining walls, landscaping, seating, and acoustic ceiling tiles.

The project commenced with demolition of the existing building to make way for the new space, with existing classrooms then converted into a temporary science facility, ensuring student learning was uninterrupted. We also established site access through vacant meadows which backed onto the site, keeping students away from all site operations.

We then constructed the expansive new Science Centre, consisting of cutting-edge laboratories, chemical storage facilities, classrooms, offices, and amenities. Outside, landscaping connects lunch pods, seating, an undercover amphitheater, and handball court.

Our mockup service proved invaluable for this project, allowing a life-size 3D model for teachers to assess functionality, safety and overall usability of the various facilities. Everything from table heights to spacing between students was assessed by educators, ensuring the best possible learning outcomes at the new centre.

This project showcases our full-service approach to construction and we are thrilled to unveil this world-class Science Centre for longstanding client Ormiston College.

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Project Facts

  • Completed: 2023
  • Construction timeframe: 42 weeks
  • Cost range: $10 million - $15 million

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