Hillbrook Anglican School – G Block & Recreation Centre

Rohrig has a 20-year history of working with Hillbrook Anglican School to support its continuous development. This project was the culmination of three years’ work at the school in the latest round of expansion and improvement. It was designed to put fresh emphasis on creative and performing arts.

The project involved adding an additional level to the arts, manual arts, IT and technology building using structural steel, Bondek slabs and a structural steel roof. In the recreational centre, we refurbished the covered court and added additional storeys for band rehearsal rooms with high acoustic values and a dance studio with sprung timber flooring.

Rohrig worked closely with the school and architects BSPN to maximise effectiveness of Block Grant Authority funding, to manage fire-proofing of structural steel elements and to integrate new structural elements without compromising the design.

The project was given an additional level of challenge by COVID supply chain problems but Rohrig’s proactive management kept progress on track to deliver the desired outcomes for the school.

Services provided


Project Facts

  • Completed: 2021
  • Construction timeframe: 52 weeks
  • Cost range: $10 - $15 Million

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