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Downer Regional Maintenance Centre, Mogo

This design and construct project for Downer had a number of design constraints, these included issues due to its remote location (not having access to a towns water and sewer system), water recycling requirements and stringent bushfire requirements.

The facility replaced a previous maintenance centre that was burnt down in bush fires.

Rohrig helped the client with all the council approval applications and certifications. We also developed a 100%-recycled water wash-bay system with treatment plant to comply with council restrictions. The wash bay system stores all wastewater and pumps it into the system with a 3000-litre grinder pump. A compressor runs all the machinery.

The equipment storage yard was transformed into a suitable site using 2000 tonnes of material to level the ground before the steel shed, maintenance area, storage and offices, meeting rooms and facilities were built. Slabs were rated for 40 tonnes loading, and the offices were built on a waffle pod slab.

Due to the size of the facility, the original plan would have required a stand-alone fire hydrant system, but we re-engineered the project into two separate facilities. This meant that it came under a different rating, and we could save significant costs.

The client continued to operate out of containers on site without disruption while we constructed the new facility. The only modification to their operations was during the concrete pour.

This Regional Industrial project demonstrates Rohrig’s ability to manage complex projects in remote locations.

Services provided

Design & Construction
Design & Construction

Project Facts

  • Completed: 2021
  • Construction timeframe: 20 weeks
  • Cost range: Under $5 million

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