Cannon Hill Anglican College – D Block

Complex 2-storey school block with impressive finishes

Rohrig’s year-long project at Cannon Hill Anglican College in Brisbane’s south-east combined challenging demolition and construction conditions with complex finishes and feature brickwork.

The design, a collaboration between Blueline Architecture and Reddog Architects, created a uniquely striking building that is a signature space for the school. It houses general learning areas, a new tuckshop, a commercial kitchen, a dining hall and event space and creative learning areas. The detailed face brickwork, a full-height glazed curtain wall and a curved timber ceiling in the dining hall were just some of the areas that called for a high level of technical expertise and craftmanship.

We were able to contribute a range of design solutions in collaboration with the architect and subcontractors to ensure the ambitious vision was brought to life in way that was both cost-effective and resilient for the long term. Our full-scale mock-up of the commercial kitchen was very useful for the client and helped identify a range of significant design adjustments.

Rohrig also coordinated client-nominated subcontractors and resolved a range of unusual technical issues.

Creating quality in a complex environment

This project called for sophisticated traffic management and time management to create a safe site within a live school environment.  This included coordinating deliveries around school pick-up and drop-off times.  In addition, there was pedestrian traffic along the footpath next to the site, limited access, limited onsite storage and many tree-protection zones to negotiate. The site also fronted the school’s main access road.

For all involved, this project called for dedication and the willingness to overcome obstacles to create something out-of-the ordinary. The results speak for themselves in a building the school can be proud of for decades to come.

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Project Facts

  • Completed: 2020
  • Construction timeframe: 54 weeks
  • Cost range: $5 - $10 million

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