St Luke’s Grammar School

Refurbishment of library

The newly refurbished St Luke’s Grammar Dee Why Library involved a two-storey project (ground floor and mezzanine) which featured multiple learning spaces, niches, theatre, reading area, media space and study areas. Bathrooms were refurbished and the lift was replaced. Rohrig worked seamlessly with architects to ensure that their design and ideas came to fruition. The unique plywood cave, theatre, counters and ceilings, required many hours of coordination and hard work to ensure they came together seamlessly to fulfil the architect’s vision.

The project was completed ahead of schedule, within the school semesters, with no impact to the day to day operations of the school.

Services provided


Project facts

  • Completed: 2017
  • Construction timeframe: 14 weeks
  • Cost range: $1 million - $5 million

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