St Luke’s Grammar School – Admin, TAS and Sick Bay

Rohrig successfully completed the refurbishment and building extension of St Luke’s Grammar School in Dee Why, New South Wales, improving functionality and integration of the school.

The project involved a major refurbishment of the existing administration building, extension of the specialised Technology and Applied Sciences (TAS) facility, and the repurposing of an existing building into the school’s new sick bay.

The Superintendent for this project, Midson Group, engaged Rohrig for construction and Gardener Wetherill for the architectural requirements, ensuring efficient use of space and functional design of the unique high-tech TAS building.

All three projects were in different locations of the school requiring independent job sites, all carefully managed by our experienced project team to ensure optimal safety within a live school environment.

The project commenced with the refurbishment of the administration building, which was modernised and brought up to current standards.

Next up was extension of the TAS building, adding additional space and improved functionality for students and teachers.

The TAS building required a unique design approach, centred around high acoustic requirements and optimal functionality within a modern learning environment.

An open learning facility within the TAS building offers a central location for teachers to supervise, surrounded by student rooms with noise-cancelling double-glazed glass, and dedicated workshop spaces with new-age technology like laser cutters and 3D printers.

The junior school reception was refurbished and converted into a new sick bay, with unused office spaces absorbed seamlessly into the new facility.

This is the third consecutive project completed at St Luke’s Grammar School, delivered on-time and free of student disruption by the Rohrig team – despite COVID-19 setbacks throughout the project.

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Project Facts

  • Completed: 2022
  • Construction timeframe: 19 weeks
  • Cost range: Under $5 million

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