St Joseph’s Nudgee College – Treacy Precinct

Nudgee College is one of Brisbane’s most beautiful examples of 19th century educational architecture. Rohrig’s renovation of large areas of the original heritage precinct called for exceptional attention to detail as well as meticulous planning to work around the college’s live environment.

The total demolition of the 4-storey 1974 Gallagher building, which adjoined the State Heritage-listed Treacy and Duhig buildings, and the repurposing and refitting of three wings of the 1890s Treacy building, were all sensitively undertaken to create a seamless integration of old and new.

The project was spread across three stages. Demolition of the 1970s connecting concrete walkways and roofing had to be completed by hand before the rest of the building was removed by long-arm excavator and trucked out. 600m2 of decaying concrete verandas were removed to be replaced by new decking, and the 205 original wrought-iron lacework panels were removed and restored. 171 new aluminium panels were constructed, using the original lacework panels as a mould, to create enough panels to line the new verandas.

More than 116 original, double-hung windows were stripped by hand and rebuilt on-site. Previously built-over openings were re-opened with double-hung windows to bring the facades back to their original appearance. The landmark Mary’s Tower was also restored and re-roofed as lightning strikes on the cupola had created holes in the lead roofing.

Working with M3 architecture, and within state department guidelines, Rohrig repurposed and refurbished more than 3000m2 of internal areas of the buildings, including adding new lifts, new toilets, new kitchen equipment and stores.

The result is a superb restoration of the school’s historic precinct, respecting the integrity of heritage detail, with practical renovations to suit a 21st century educational environment.

“We were thoroughly impressed by the professionalism, open communication and proactivity with which the team took to establish a collaborative approach with our consultants, students and staff until completion. The working relationship between Rohrig’s site team and the College was key to minimising disruptions and coordinating working in a live campus environment.”  Peter Fullagar, Principal 

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Project Facts

  • Completed: 2021
  • Construction timeframe: 60 weeks
  • Cost range: $10 - $15 million

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