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Our policies

1.   Quality

Rohrig has a high focus on quality through all stages of the construction process and in our after-completion support.

Our Quality Management System is based on the International Quality Management Standard AS/NZS ISO 9001:2000 covering procedures for:

  • Staff and management meetings
  • Accounting and financial management
  • Secretarial and reception
  • Marketing
  • Tendering and estimating
  • Design services
  • Project administration
  • Site management
  • Plant hire

Our quality assurance management system provides a framework to address all elements of our service from managing design and development of projects through to control of waste.

2.  Safety

Workplace health and safety is a primary consideration in Rohrig’s planning and organisation.

The company has had an unwavering commitment to conducting its operations in the safest possible manner – including ensuring the health and safety of employees, other people at the workplace and members of the public. We have achieved this through strict compliance with current legislative requirements and through our own initiatives to enhance safety.

Rohrig underpins safety by:

  • Ensuring that the design can be constructed in the safest possible manner
  • Encouraging a safety-conscious culture from management through to labourers
  • Providing ongoing training and reviews of procedures and work systems
  • Regularly upgrading accident prevention programs
  • Strictly adhering to safe working practices and procedures on construction sites.

Rohrig’s commitment to safe practices is proven by the company recording injury rates far lower than the industry average. Independent audits are undertaken on each project on a monthly basis to ensure we are maintaining the high safety standards we have set.

3.  Environment

We aim to meet our environmental obligations to our employees, our clients and the community, in accordance with the Environmental Protection Act and the Environmental Standard, AS/NZS ISO 14000.

Our Environmental Management System targets accepted industry benchmarks in the following areas:

  • Planning work activities to meet environmental and cultural heritage legislation and guidelines
  • Operating an environmentally-sound and culturally-aware business
  • Training all staff in environmental issues awareness and work procedures
  • Reporting and recording environmental practices as part of our quality management system
  • Reviewing and auditing our environmental procedures to enable continual improvement
  • Setting objectives to control, minimise or avoid contamination or disturbance in land, water, air, fauna and flora, as well as in the man-made environment.

We comply with all legislation concerned with the production, minimisation and disposal of waste, control of hazardous substances, and industrial noise. We also comply with government acts and requirements for the protection of our cultural heritage.

We educate our employees in environmental issues and have an environmental audit and reporting system to continually improve our environmental management system.

Our projects exemplify the best in new builds and refurbishment.

From boutique hotel rooms to school extensions, from major club and pub refurbishments to healthcare facilities, our projects meet multiple challenges and help clients embrace new opportunities.
Our 24+ years of success have been built on a better experience for our clients as well as end results that stand amongst Australia's best.
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Current projects

  • Big Box Motorama
  • General Gordon Hotel
  • Hillbrook Anglican College
  • Iron Man Motorama
  • Katoomba RSL
  • Meals on Wheels
  • Moorebank Sports Club
  • Orora
  • Peakhurst Inn
  • St Benedict's College
  • St Joseph's College
  • Strathfield Sports Club
  • Trinity College
  • Union Place Hotel
  • William Clarke College

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